Our passion is all about protecting the quality and safety of the food we consume.


Origins Software is a developer of digital applications that utilises leading technology to create innovative traceability solutions for primary industries. The company has partnered with and is supported by industry experts and regulatory bodies.


Better consumer engagement

People want to know what’s in their food and where it came from. Origins gives manufacturers the ability to share detailed batch specific information with consumers through their smart devices by utilizing a combination of NFC tags and 2D barcodes.
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Food safety

Origins takes away the headaches of food safety compliance by integrating with government food safety systems and keeping companies “audit-ready”.
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“Farm to fork” traceability

The Origins system achieves “farm to fork” traceability by creating a fully connected GS1 compliant supply chain network. Our modular cloud based system allows product to be quickly and easily traced back through the supply chain by utilising a combination of barcodes, NFC and RFID.
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Product data management

Receive digitized product information and store in a centralised location to easily manage and share data.
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Recall management

By combining GS1 recall procedures and Origins advanced recall management system, product recalls can be managed quickly and effectively.
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Origins uses an advanced authentication system that validates product as it moves through the value chain. This prevents stolen and adulterated product from entering the supply chain and acts as a very strong deterrent to those wanting to exploit supply chain vulnerabilities.
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Open System Integration

Origins traceability platforms are designed to complement existing systems to improve efficiencies without the need for expensive equipment.
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Product authentication

Our unique package based multi-tier authentication system gives consumers the reassurance they need to feel confident in the food they consume and build brand loyalty.
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Our goal is to better connect primary industry stakeholders to help simplify product data management and food safety compliance. Origins builds affordable and scalable systems that are easy to set up and don’t require expensive equipment.

Easy to use

We appreciate that a lot of our customers are more comfortable in the field than in front of a computer. We work on a commonsense design approach to ensure that even the least tech savvy user can easily find their way around our systems.


Origins Software designs affordable and easy to use digital platforms to protect the integrity and efficiency of agri-based supply chains from raw material to end consumer. Below are some of our current projects.


Our team has over 50 years of collective honey industry experience, IT development, supply chain management and logistics (perishable airfreight and sea freight), in conjunction with an extensive wider team of key advisors and key suppliers. Our core team is led by Hayden Stowell (CEO) and Duncan Williamson (CIO). We have also appointed expert advisory board and engaged consultants and advisors who will provide commercial advice, governance and industry support for the Origins Software team. All in conjunction with an extensive team of packaging, logistics, commercial, marketing, IT and honey industry advisors.

Hayden Stowell

Founder and CEO

Hayden has been involved in the honey industry since the beginning of the Manuka honey “Gold rush” and has experience across all areas of the industry.

Prior to entering the honey industry, Hayden gained a solid understanding of overseas market access requirements, export documentation, food safety compliance and logistics through his work in the perishable airfreight and sea freight industries. Hayden has helped developed three Maori owned honey export companies and founded the Honey Network, an online auction site for producers of export quality bulk honey to trade their products.

Duncan Williamson

Chief Technology Officer

Duncan has been immersed in the IT industry for over 40 years and built his first computer in 1983.

Duncan has vast experience in a number of fields including hardware development and keeps up to date with emerging technologies and how they can be utilised in different ways. Duncan has a strong background in warehouse and logistics management, and is committed to generating innovative, robust strategies to streamline processes and increase efficiency.

Advisory Board

Grant LeSeuer

Grant is currently a software portfolio director for Invensys - Wonderware and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Grant is originally from New Zealand and has vast global experience with marketing software solutions for process automation and process control to some of the world’s largest companies. Grant sees the great potential in Origins and wants to share his expertise to help Origins expand into other global markets.

Victor Goldsmith

Victor is General Manager of Maori honey working group which reports directly to the Minister of Maori Development. With regional hubs throughout New Zealand, the Maori honey working group is focused on moving Māori participation in the honey industry from passive to active. Through his extensive experience in the honey industry, Victor is very familiar with landowners, beekeepers and honey processors and the issues they face.